Lacking the right competence to work on modern vehicles? To much electronic and to many computers? We got You covered!

AdaptFuture enables remote competence to the fast-paced vehicle demands that rise every day. We are offering remote competence tool platform that provide access to the future.

  • TVS-Rig Concept will bring the training and certification for electric vehicles technicians to Your doorstep. This is the fastest way to learn about new technology and to become expert.
  • Intelligent TVS-IoT Solution enables OEM training rigs to perform practical exercises in real world environment without compromising safety. All controlled remotely by using “AdaptFuture App” or locally with the simple push-button.
  • RSD Service enables to connect any independent workshop worldwide to our global network of vehicle experts for guided fault tracing , remote diagnostic and over the air software downloads in order to solve the problems local.

Products / Services

We take a crowd-based driven competence sharing approach to a new level!
By constantly update our knowledge base with data from use cases within our technician’s community, we can offer high-skilled diagnostic specialists and mechanical engineers working on the automotive edge.  





Way stay on the ground?

​Not only traditional vehicles with 4 wheels or more are showing interest in what we offer. Any type of application with high voltage batteries can use our solutions to train technicians for dealing with electricity in aftermarket situations – even if they happens to fly! We are going to speak further with Xpeng Norway about this 😉

Now in Norway

​​EVS35 – The World’s Largest EV event this year is now ongoing in Oslo. AdaptFuture is there and spreading the word of EV Training to the world. Our TVS-Rig is very appreciated among the people we meet.  EVS 35 Oslo – EVS35OsloTVS-Rig – AdaptFuture

TVS-Rig in action

​”Fantastic, good with practical training. Really liked it. Rolandas Rimdeika is brilliant to talk to.False simulation is something that should always be included, so that you learn actions in both wrong and right process.” Daniel (Student at YrkesAkademin)


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